Saturday, July 31, 2010

  • Well, the biggest difference between the US and China...there are many, but among the two major spheres of nature and people, people are the most different, of course! The natural landscape is neat; hot humid weather (I was literally sweating INTO my soup at a restaurant the other day), and palm trees! The sun shines a little more intense here in MN, but not deathly by any means (except at the water park with minimal sunscreen :) ). The people can be super duper nice and accommodating, especially since I'm a foreigner. I've rarely, if ever, felt hated against; foreign people are stared/looked at/ photographed, like I'm a fascinating kind of animal! But the ignorant "country folk" here in Panyu can have bad manners. Cantonese people WILL cut you off in line; coming from a Western perspective, this does NOT make me happy! At KFC, in the store, waiting in line anywhere. Ok anyways, my favorite Chinese food? Rrobably fried noodles (Chao Mian, aka Chow Mein), And egg tarts (a Macau/Portuguese thing), and JiaoZi (dumplings) with peanut sauce. In my free time, I usually hang out with my new buddies (Chinese and foreign), traveling around the city; I've also been to Hong Kong and ShenZhen, and I plan on going to Macau next Sunday, Aug. 8th. What I miss most (besides friends and family) are: Duluth, Subway, real grilled hamburgers, American flags, GOOD cookies, motorcycles that are NOT driven on the sidewalk, clean air....I think of new things each day, but I'm by no means aching to go back; I think China's pretty sweet.


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