Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey everyone, it's time to fill you in on the last few weeks. I have a TON of stuff to write about. I now have over 1,500 pictures (and still growing by the day), 5 kinds of currency (American, Taiwanese, PRC, Hong Kong, and Macau), some weird knockoff clothing, and a taste for these cool little bakeries that are everywhere. It seems that every time I want to write something at length, I'm already out the door and doing something else! That's awesome; but then again it takes some discipline to just write (thanks Jon and Matt, and others...you know who you are).

I'll start with Yuexiu Park, which Julien, Trever, and I visited with Faye and Susan back in the beginning of August. I was pretty much recovered from being sick then. This is the park with the famous goat statue that is seen on all of the Guangzhou City posters/Asia Games propaganda around town. It's a large (maybe 20 feet tall) gray stone statue of 5 goats. This is from (or maybe represents) where Guangzhou gets its "nickname", the "goat city." No one knows why this is! But it's really popular. This is also where some more Chinese girls asked to get a picture with me (and Trever, seperately); one girl was super nervous this time. So funny!

There's also a monument for Sun Yat-Sen and a museum (the Guangzhou Museum) in the park, full of historical artifacts like paint powder, models of Western and Chinese trading ships, and a model of the solar system from maybe 100 years ago. Did you know, "Uranus" (I think) translates into Chinese as "asshole"? I'm learning a lot here!


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