Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, June 23 I went with Julien and Trever to the Western breakfast in this gated community called Clifford. It was in a "Vietnamese" restaurant called Jessica's, which served Vietnamese (spring rolls), French (baguette, croissant), and American (pancake/egg breakfast) food, with Latin music. It was And by that I mean confusing. I had an omelet (ordered off-the-menu) with 5 "toppings," was quite refreshing and filled me up for half the day; then went to the "foreign" store and bought gravy mix and shredded (Sargento) mozerella cheese for the Poutine. I also got a Kinder egg (the German/European chocolate eggs with a toy inside) and some random candy bar. I also bought a deck of cards, which do have Chinese writing on the box and Jokers, and have a motorcycle on the backs (as opposed to a cherub on a bicycle or something) but other than that, are just like your average playing cards. Then before work I tried looking for this store that sold games like Settlers of Catan (in Chinese!), and couldn't find it, but found a store that sold semi-Chinglish (unintentionally) signs (Gentlemen, No Fireworks, Push/Pull, etc.), Go, and a HUGE PRC flag! Why do I buy these things? Then after work, Julien, Kate, Alex, his wife Lulu, and myself all went to the arcades! They had a reallysweet-looking Drum Master (?) game, basketball hoops that give you tickets, Ski-ball, racing games, a Japanese cartoon drumming game, and this animal crane that grabs not stuffed animals, but stuffed turds with smiley faces!


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